Processes of International Negotiation (PIN)
Program On International Negotiation Training (POINT)

The Program on International Negotiation Training (POINT, founded in 2017) of the Processes of International Negotiation Program (PIN, founded in 1989) is a network of trainers and coaches in public sector international negotiation processes.

The POINT network cuts through European training institutions, being associated with the PIN network of negotiation practitioners, researchers and educators. Through PIN it is linked to the the German Institute of Global and Area Studies, GIGA (Hamburg, Germany).

POINT serves the following purposes:

  1. To use PIN’s research to educate and train practitioners, students and other academics
  2. Thereby providing GIGA with training facilities on international negotiation processes
  3. To cooperate with institutions already providing international negotiation training
  4. To support programs on international negotiation simulations, like MUN’s
  5. To support each other in collecting and sharing negotiation projects
  6. To exchange exercises between the trainers in the POINT network
  7. To exchange information between them
  8. To act as a ‘Trainers Union’ whenever applicable

POINT’s members expertise

IDA MANTON   ida.manton@gmail.com

  • International negotiations
  • Multilateral negotiations as a tool for conflict prevention
  • Gender in negotiations
  • Profiling actors through SDI methodology
  • Negotiating across cultures
Geographical Areas of Experience

Europe (South East Europe i.e. former Yugoslavia primarily); Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland); OSCE area, Belgium

Training delivery languages

English, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian

FRANCESCO MARCHI marchi@essec.fr

  • EU and international institutions
International negotiation
Multilateral negotiations

  • Negotiation Coaching

Geographical Areas of Experience


Training delivery languages

English, French and Italian

PAUL MEERTS (founder of POINT) pwmeerts@gmail.com


International political and negotiation analysis

Geographical Areas of Experience

Delivered negotiation seminars at public institutions in a hundred countries

Training delivery languages

English, French, German, Dutch

LÉNA SALAMÉ lenasalame@gmail.com

  • Water negotiations and mediation
  • Trust and team building measures
  • Facilitation of environmental debates
  • International public la
Geographical Areas of Experience

Latin America and the Carribeans, the Arab countries, Africa, Europe, Central and South East Asia

Training delivery languages

French, English, Arabic, basic reading and communication in Spanish

FRANS SCHRAM fransschram@hotmail.com

  • EU and Diplomatic negotiation training
  • Peace mediation and dialogue facilitation
  • Natural resources and conflict transformation
  • Cross-cultural negotiation
Geographical Areas of Experience

EU, Colombia, Mexico, Southern and Eastern Africa, Turkey

Training delivery languages

English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch

TARIEL SIKHARULIDZE tariel.t.s@gmail.com

  • International Negotiations
  • Civil (B2B, workplace and divorce) and International Mediation
  • Conflict resolution
Training delivery languages

Georgian, Russian, French, English and basic reading and communication in Spanish

SINISA VUKOVIC sumosika@gmail.com

  • International conflict analysis
  • International mediation and conflict management
  • Negotiation analysis and process design
Geographical Areas of Experience

Balkans, EU-Russia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Korea, South China Sea, Iran, El Salvador, Colombia

Training delivery languages

English, Italian, Serbia, Croatian, and Bosnian

ANTONY WANIS-ST JOHN wanis@american.edu


Peace process negotiations, ceasefires, multilateral negotiations, mediation

Geographical Areas of Experience

Latin America, Middle East, Central Asia, Europe

Training delivery languages

English, French, Spanish

SERGE WYNEN serge@metaprise.com

  • EU and international institutions
  • Team negotiation training
  • Multiparty group chairing
  • Coaching & behavioural change
Geographical Areas of Experience


Training delivery languages

English and French

MARKUS KIRCHSCHLAGER Markus.Kirchschlager@giga-hamburg.de

is POINT and PIN coordinator

  • Regional variations of international mediation
  • e-Diplomacy and digital conflict resolution
  • Process evaluation and impact assessment