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PINPoints 48/49

PINPoints 48/49

In this issue, e.g., Manton and Schram on Online Negotiation and Mediation Training; Marchi on Negotiation Training in Times of COVID-19; Albin on Face-to-Face Interaction; Sikharulidze on Every Word Matters; Zartman on PeaceKidZ; Meerts on Lessions for and from Training; Rosoux on Dealing with the Past; Faltas on Simulation; Bass on EU Presidency Training Programmes; Baber on Japanese Audiences in Negotiation Training

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Paul Meerts 


Ida Manton and Frans Schram 

Challenges and Opportunities Emerging from a Pandemic: Online Negotiation and Mediation Training

Adrian Borbély

Taking the (Forced) Dive into Teaching Negotiation Online

Francesco Marchi

Negotiation Training in Times of COVID-19: The Online Turn

Cecilia Albin

The Power of Talk: Recalling the Importance of Face-to-Face Interaction

Frans Schram

Insights on Negotiation Training for Resistance/Liberation Movements

Tariel Sikharulidze

And Every Word Matters

Dragos-Christian Vasilescu

Do Details Matter? An Explanation of the Importance of Focus in Negotiations

I. William Zartman


Rob Baldwin

Multilateral Simulation Games: Preparations Are Crucial!

Paul Meerts

Lessons for and from Training: From Practice to Theory

Valérie Rosoux

Dealing with the Past

Remigiusz Smolinsky

World Championship in Negotiation?

Stefan Szepesi

Using Martial Arts in Negotiation Training

Emmanuel Vivet

Working with Examples: From Anecdotes to History

Mark Anstey

Case Studies as a Learning Tool for Negotiating Deadlocks

Sami Faltas

Simulation: A Powerful Training Tool

Léna Salamé

Innovative Training in Water Conflict Management

Rudolf Schuessler

Realistic Simulations in Teaching University Students

Tony Bass

EU Presidency Training Programmes: What Do Public Servants Want?

Hans van den Berg

"One summer school to go, please!"

Daniel Erdmann

Escaping the Training Trap in Mediation and Conflict Management
Peter Kesting
The Many Faces of Emotion
Ida Manton
On Being a Woman: Why Gender Is Still a Topic for Negotiation Analysts and Trainers
Aldís G. Sigurðardóttir
How to Teach Negotiators Not to Use Deceptive Negotiation Tactics
Serge Wynen
Enabling Confidence in Negotiation
William W. Baber
Japanese Audiences in Negotiation Training
Larry Crump
In the Beginning
Guy-Olivier Faure
Training in China: Playing in Earnest
Joana Matos
It Is Not Enough to Know the Rules of the Game, the Other Party Must Be Willing to Play
Siniša Vuković
Learning the Subtle Impact of Culture in Negotiations
I. William Zartman
Book Reviews: A Bag of Tricks
Journal Previews
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