Steering Committee

Since 1988, the PIN Program has been conducted by an international Steering Committee of scholars who meet several times a year to develop and propagate new knowledge about the processes of international negotiation.

Mikhail Troitskiy


MGIMO, Moscow

Mikhail Troitskiy is associate professor and dean of the School of Government and International Affairs at MGIMO University in Moscow, and IMARES program professor in European University at St. Petersburg. From 2009 to 2015, he was deputy director at the Moscow office of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. His areas of expertise and research interests include international relations and negotiation theory, Eurasian security, US foreign policy and Russia’s relations with the United States, NATO and the European Union. Educated at St. Petersburg State University and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mikhail has 17 years of experience managing international research and training projects in the non-profit sector. His PIN book “Tug of War: Negotiating Security in Eurasia,” co-edited with Fen Osler Hampson, CIGI and McGill-Queen’s University Press, was published in December 2017.

He can be reached via his personal website or at