Steering Committee

Since 1988, the PIN Program has been conducted by an international Steering Committee of scholars who meet several times a year to develop and propagate new knowledge about the processes of international negotiation.

Mark Anstey


Michigan State University in Dubai, formerly Nelson Mandela University

Dr. Mark Anstey is an Emeritus Professor of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Between 2008-11 he was a Professor with Michigan State University’s School of Labor and Industrial Relations in Dubai, UAE. An active labor and community mediator for over 25 years, he served on South Africa’s peace structures during the political transition period, and was Director of Monitoring (Eastern Cape) for the Independent Electoral Commission in the country’s historic 1994 elections. In the post election period he served on Ministerial task groups for transformation of the police service. He conducts training and workshops for companies and trade unions, and facilitates organizational change and relationship building processes. He is the author of six books and numerous publications in journals of labor relations, negotiation and conflict resolution, sociology and social work – his book Managing Change, Negotiating Conflict is now in its third edition. He has worked across a wide spread of African and European countries, as well as the USA and the UAE.