Two PIN Books in the Top 150 Books on Terrorism

Two PIN Books in the Top 150 Books on Terrorism

Two recent PIN Books (Engaging Extremists and Negotiating with Terrorists) are listed in the top 150 books on terrorism by Perspectives on Terrorism. The PIN books were edited by Guy Oliver Faure and I. William Zartman. More information on the books can be found in the publication section.



The Terrorism Bookshelf Project

To gain an analytical understanding of the origins, magnitude, and evolution of the terrorist threats around the world and how to counteract them, the academic and public policy communities have produced a plethora of books on terrorism in general, the groups that engage in terrorist warfare, the extremist religious movements that drive individuals to join terrorist groups and employ terrorist tactics on their behalf, the conflict zones where such warfare is being waged, and the types of counteractions that governments are employing in response.

The books listed in this review essay are organized into seventeen sections, which are not intended to be mutually exclusive. This listing of top 150 books provides an overview of many of the discipline’s pre-eminent books.

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