Now Available Online: PINPoints 42

Now Available Online: PINPoints 42

The latest issue of PINPoints (number 42) is now available for download. The issue contains articles on the outcome of the successful UN Climate Conference in Paris, the peace process in South-Sudan and on the PIN Roadshow in Montenegro of early July 2015. 


PINPoints is the bi-annual online publication of PIN and is sent to over 4,000 subscribers around the world. Each issue contains an overview of past and future events, reports of PIN related activities and most importantly articles with the latest developments and insights in international negotiation research. PINPoints is edited by Wilbur Perlot, coordinator of PIN, and the members of the Steering Committee. To have regular announcements of the latest PIN updates as well as the link to PINPoints delivered directly to your mailbox, please sign up here. You will receive a maximum of six emails per year.


PINPoints 42

4. The November Paris Attacks: An Assessment (Guy Olivier Faure)

6. Negotiating the Greek Way (Paul Meerts)

8. Winter in Paris: The COP Climate Conference 2015 (Rudolf Schüssler)

13. The Power of Commitment in Mediation (Mikhail Troitskiy)

16. South Sudan's Concilliation Challenges (Mark Anstey)

24. Narratives and Meta-Narratives in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Can this be resolved by mediation
     (Mordechai Melamud)

34. Conflict Behaviour in Negotiation (Sander des Tombe and Paul Meerts)

44. Herding Interdisciplinary Cats Into a Single Frame of Reference 
     (Christopher Honeyman and Andrea Kupfer Schneider)

47. PIN Roadshow in Montenegro

51. PIN Policy Lab on Inclusivity in Peace Negotiation (Judith van den Boogert)

54. New Research Project: "Negotiating Security in Eurasia"

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