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Escalation and Negotiation in International Conflicts

Escalation and Negotiation in International Conflicts

Zartman I W, Faure G O (eds.) (2005). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

How can an escalation of conflict lead to negotiation? In this systematic study, Zartman and Faure bring together European and American scholars to examine this important topic and to define the point where the concepts and practices of escalation and negotiation meet. Political scientists, sociologists, social psychologists, and peacemaking strategists, among others, examine the various forms escalation can take and relate them to conceptual advances in the analysis of negotiation. They argue that structures, crises, turning points, demands, readiness, and ripeness can often define the conditions where the two concepts can meet, and the authors take this opportunity to offer lessons for theory and practice. By relating negotiation to conflict escalation, two processes that have traditionally been studied separately, this book fills a significant gap in the existing knowledge and is directly relevant to the many ongoing conflicts and conflict patterns in the world today.

About the editors

I. William Zartman

Jacob Blaustein Distinguished Professor of International Organization and Conflict Resolution and director of the Conflict Management Program, the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, at the Johns Hopkins University. He is the editor and author of almost 50 books.

Guy Olivier Faure

Professor of Sociology at the Sorbonne University, Paris V, Department of Social Sciences. He has authored, co-authored, and edited a dozen books and over 50 articles; his works have been published in 12 languages.

Contributing Authors

The following authors contributed to this volume: Karin Aggestam, Rudolf Avenhaus, Juergen Beetz, Lisa J. Carlson, Daniel Druckman, Guy Olivier Faure, D. Marc Kilgour, Sung Hee Kim, Paul W. Meerts, Patrick M. Morgan, Dean G. Pruitt, I. William Zartman.



Part I: Introduction

The Dynamics of Escalation and Negotiation
I. William Zartman and Guy Olivier Faure

Part II: Escalation Forms and Outcomes

Deadlocks in Negotiation Dynamics
Guy Olivier Faure

Deterrence, Escalation, and Negotiation
Patrick M. Morgan

Quantitative Models for Armament Escalation and Negotiations
Rudolf Avenhaus, Juergen Beetz, and D. Marc Kilgour

Entrapment in International Negotiations
Paul W. Meerts

The Role of Vengeance in Conflict Escalation
Sung Hee Kim

Part III: Negotiating out of Escalation

Structures of Escalation and Negotiation
I. William Zartman

Conflict Escalation and Negotiation: A Turning-Points Analysis
Daniel Druckman

Escalation, Negotiation, and Crisis Type
Lisa J. Carlson

Escalation in Negotiation:
Analysis of Some Simple Game Models
D. Marc Kilgour

Escalation, Readiness for Negotiation, and Third-Party Functions
Dean G. Pruitt

Enhancing Ripeness: Transition from Conflict to Negotiation
Karin Aggestam

Part IV: Conclusion

Lessons for Research
I. William Zartman and Guy Olivier Faure

Strategies for Action
Guy Olivier Faure and I. William Zartman

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