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How People Negotiate: Resolving Disputes in Different Cultures

How People Negotiate: Resolving Disputes in Different Cultures

Faure G O (2003), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 208 p. 3 illus.

How People Negotiate brings together a set of negotiation stories, accompanied by an integrative overview. This volume provides cases and theoretical elaboration and includes a comprehensive overview of research on negotiation. Some negotiation stories are exotic and strange: they come from a large number of countries, ranging from China, to African Countries, to the Ancient Middle East. Others are drawn from Western settings such as France, Germany, and USA. The negotiations described take various forms: negotiating with oneself, negotiating one's own way through bicycle traffic or animals appearing to negotiate with each other. The stories begin with Abraham negotiating with the Lord about the fate of Sodom, the first-ever recorded account of negotiations.

The negotiations in this volume present something new and unusual. They are catchy, intriguing, exciting, intellectually challenging and original. They give us a new perspective on negotiating, tell us something about the world we live in, and - by means of a worthwhile detour - they teach us about ourselves.

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