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Containing the Atom: International Negotiations on Nuclear Security and Safety

Containing the Atom: International Negotiations on Nuclear Security and Safety

Avenhaus R, Kremenyuk VA, Sjöstedt G (eds.) (2002). Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, USA.

With a foreword by by Hans Blix, Director General Emeritus of the IAEA.

Containing the Atom, the product of three years of research by the members of the Processes of International Negotiation (PIN) network, is a comprehensive study of the theory and practice of international nuclear negotiations.

Well-known experts in the field test eleven cases of international nuclear negotiations, covering:

Strategic arms control
The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Nuclear-weapon-free zones
The Non-Proliferation Treaty and its Review Conference
Nuclear materials removed from the defense weapons programs
Nuclear diplomacy with North Korea
Nuclear risks in the Barents region
Nuclear safety
French-Japanese nuclear negotiations
The nuclear plant perspective on negotiations
Each case study analyzes the actors, strategies, processes, structures, and outcomes, and weighs the impact of the negotiations on security, energy, trade, and the environment.

About the editors

Rudolf Avenhaus
Professor of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Germany.

Victor Kremenyuk
Deputy Director of the Institute for USA and Canada Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russia.

Gunnar Sjöstedt
Senior Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs Stockholm, Sweden


International Nuclear Negotiations
Rudolf Avenhaus, Victor Kremenyuk, and Gunnar Sjöstedt

Strategic Arms Control Negotiations: SALT and START
P. Terrence Hopmann

Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Negotiations
Carlos A. Hernández

Negotiating Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones
Jan Prawitz

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and Its Safeguards
Werner Ungerer

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: The 1995 Review and Extension Conference
A. L. Duncan

Dealing with Nuclear Materials Removed from Defense Programs
Steve Maaranen, Joseph F. Pilat, James W. Tape, and Paul C. White

Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea
Leon V. Sigal

International Negotiations Aiming at Reduction of Nuclear Risks in the Barents Region
Lassi Heininen and Boris Segerståhl

International Negotiations on Radiation and Nuclear Safety
Abel J. González

An Analysis of French-Japanese Negotiations
Jean-Pierre Giraud

Peculiarities of Nuclear Negotiations Seen from the Point of View of a Plant Operator in the Federal Republic of Germany
Rudolf Weh

Conclusions and Recommendations
Rudolf Avenhaus, Victor Kremenyuk, and Gunnar Sjöstedt

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