Steering Committee

Since 1988, the PIN Program has been conducted by an international Steering Committee of scholars who meet several times a year to develop and propagate new knowledge about the processes of international negotiation.

Amrita Narlikar


GIGA German Institute for Global and Area Studies

Prof Amrita Narlikar (UK and India) is the President for the GIGA German Institute for Global and Area Studies and Professor at the University of Hamburg. She came to the GIGA from the University of Cambridge, where she was Reader in International Political Economy, the Founding Director of the Centre for Rising Powers, and a Fellow of Darwin College. She also has intellectual roots in Oxford, where she read International Relations at Balliol for her M.Phil. and D.Phil., and held a Junior Research Fellowship at St John's College.

Prof Narlikar specials in International Political Economy, with a focus on international trade and multilateral negotiations. She has published extensively on different aspects of the politics and economics of the World Trade Organization, and the rise of new powers (especially India). Her expertise includes the study of multilateral deadlocks and breakthroughs. She also works on how a fair and sustainable globalisation might be achieved.

Prof Narlikar's books on the subject of negotiation include: (authored with Aruna Narlikar) Bargaining with a Rising India: Lessons from the Mahabharata, Oxford University Press, 2014; (edited) International Affairs, Special Issue, "Negotiating the Rise of New Powers", 89: 3, May 2013; (edited) The Round Table: Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, Centenary Special Issue, "Small States in International Economic Negotiations," 100 (413), April, 2011, and reprinted as edited book, Routledge, 2013; (edited) Deadlocks in Multilateral Negotiations: Causes and Solutions, Cambridge University Press, 2010 (Chinese edition under preparation, 2017); (authored) New Powers: How to become one and how to manage them, Hurst and Columbia University Press, 2010; (authored) International Trade and Developing Countries: Bargaining Coalitions in the GATT and WTO, Routledge, 2003. Her papers on bargaining and negotiation have been published in international journals including International Negotiation, International Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Third World Quarterly, World Economy.